Initial Consultation

The initial consultation requires a referral. Referrals from a General Practitioner are valid for twelve months, and for three months from a Specialist.

An extended period of time is allocated for the initial consultation and therefore a higher fee is charged. During the initial consultation a detailed history and clinical examination will be performed and previous investigations reviewed. You will be given a provisional or clear diagnosis.

Further investigations may be required to prepare a final treatment plan.

Further Consultations

You may need to return for further consultations following the initial consultation. This may be required for test results, investigations and ongoing monitoring of your condition.

A lower fee is charged for these consultations as less time is usually allocated.

Post-Operative Consultation

The early post-operative care consultation is needed to assess the response to surgery as well as to perform a wound review.

Arterial procedures usually require extended follow ups at regular intervals to ensure no new problems are developing and usually require ultrasound scan of vessels.

These further appointments are billed variably.

Our Practice choose to use the Australian Medical Association as a guideline for billing purposes. For additional billing information please contact our office and one of our team members will be able to assist in your enquiry.